This weekend I was given a unique and exciting opportunity to engage with high schoolers eager to learn the art of lettering. And it. Was. Awesome.

When a friend initially approached me last year about teaching high schoolers to letter, I was a tad apprehensive. For one, I hadn’t taught before (other than my mom to text), so I wasn’t assured at all of my capacity in the matter. For two, I know how high schoolers can be. Reminiscing on those days, I recall friends feigning apathy about anything and everything. I doubted my ability to engage them at all, let alone teach them something! But over the course of our conversations, and meeting with Virginia, the organizer of the monthly AIGA Link Program workshops, I realized this could be fun.

Oh boy, was it ever.

These weren’t your typical high school teenagers. These kids wanted to learn – so much so that they showed up at 8:30 on a sunny Saturday, to an optional class. Crazy awesome, right? Each kid came awake and eager, and whatever nerves I’d had about my ability to teach quickly faded as I realized all I had to do was talk about something I already loved. After a brief presentation on letters and the letterers that inspire me, we all dove right in to the hands-on stuff. Creativity abounded. Floating among the students, I was blown away by the variety and detail they brought to the table. It was awe-inspiring, to say the least. Without realizing it, three hours had flown by, and we all hurried to wrap up our projects so we could participate in a culmination discussion of what we’d learned and (to my delight) what we liked!

After spending half a day with twenty-odd students and the amazing Link volunteers that make these workshops happen, I can safely say that I absolutely loved my experience teaching. Who knows? Maybe I’ll make a habit of it.

Thanks to Su, Virginia, and all of the fabulous Link volunteers who let me come play with the kids for a day. It was awesome – keep doing what you guys do!

Thanks to Ryan for capturing all of the fun. What an awesome day!