Here’s to 2017

January 1, 2017

Well, 2016 is finally over. This past year has taken a lot from the world (cue music and acting legends), and given back some not-so-savory soundbites in return. Yeah, I’m still sore over it too. But resolutions-wise, I was fairly successful in taking on this past year, with the one outstanding resolution of remodeling two bathrooms still in-process. But both … Read More

A Gift for You Guys

December 11, 2016

Any maker knows the importance of practicing their craft. Around the holidays, that’s especially prevalent for those of us whose loved ones appreciate handmade gifts, and the quality of your craftsmanship can really shine. So having a little reminder to practice your craft is something I really wanted. In that vein, I recently lettered this … Read More

Lettered Literature

June 4, 2016

This past fall, I had a first-ever request to letter the sides of a canvas teepee for a one-year-old’s playroom. To help introduce him to literature and provide her young son with a fun, creative fort in which to read, Tiffany asked to have a few all-time favorite book quotes lettered onto the sides of … Read More

Recap & Resolutions

January 6, 2016

2015 is officially over, and it was a year for the books! A new home, a new husband, a new name, a new job, a new title – looking back on this last year’s events, it amazes me that they were all packed into a single year. After looking back at my resolutions from last … Read More

Here’s to the Party Poopers

August 17, 2015

Here’s to the Party Poopers. The Overachievers, the Lab Rats. The Nerds, the Geeks, the Dorks. They’d rather stay in and read than go out and rage. They observe rules, yet question reality. They ask why, as well as why not. You can tease them, taunt them. Break their glasses in two. But you can’t … Read More

Let’s Jam

July 27, 2015

You ready to jam? When Adobe Creative Jam coordinator Megan Kirkwood asked me if I’d be willing to compete in the event’s Seattle installment, I wasn’t exactly sure how to answer. A live design competition featuring some of Seattle’s top designers, paired off into teams with three hours to complete an unknown design prompt – … Read More

Home Sweet Home

May 5, 2015 10 Comments

If I’d had any doubts before, I am now fully versed in the chaos that is the Seattle housing market. The stories didn’t seem real until experienced firsthand: 20+ competing offers on a single home, buyers waiving all rights to inspections, houses going $100,000 over asking. And yes, I personally witnessed each of those – … Read More

New Year, New Site

March 12, 2015

IT’S ALIVE!! After weeks of tweaking code, reformatting photos and editing layout, I’m finally able to check off my New Year’s resolution of launching my new site! Just in time to make the self-assigned deadline, my birthday (with less than an hour to spare, too!). And I’m stoked with how it all came together. Pairing … Read More

Lettering with Link

February 22, 2015

This weekend I was given a unique and exciting opportunity to engage with high schoolers eager to learn the art of lettering. And it. Was. Awesome. When a friend initially approached me last year about teaching high schoolers to letter, I was a tad apprehensive. For one, I hadn’t taught before (other than my mom … Read More